The training activities of the T.R.A.inTRAINING project are the core objective of the single workstreams and are also structured in order to build a network of information exchange among public workers who participate in the process of rehabilitation of radicalized subjects and also to establish a system of information exchange among these workers and the judicial authority.

The dissemination of a new instrument of risk assessment of violent radicalisation, as well as the relevant good practices of identification and warning of situations at risk, have to pass through the training of the front-line staff and their managers, and of all the actors dealing with the offender. Therefore, it is also necessary to include, in the training courses, members of the ordinary, juvenile and supervisory judiciary, considering that for these professionals the management of offenders who are radicalised or at risk of radicalization, is a relatively new experience.

The project is structured into 4 WORKSTREAMS:

  • Workstream 0: Management and coordination of the project.
  • Workstream 1: Research-action: getting to know radicalisation processes in P&P settings (Italy as leading partner)
  • Workstream 2: Development of a common evidence-based work method in information flows (Italy as leading partner)
  • Workstream 3: Training of practitioners working in prison settings (Applicant as leading partner)
  • Workstream 4: Training of practitioners working in probation settings (Applicant as leading partner)